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Elephant Lifestyle talks to Abakar Manany, Chairman, Amjet Executive

"Our spectacular growth is the result of several factors, like ambition, energy and what we call 'mutualisation' of skills, which is bringing together those who are into finance, marketing and aviation."

ELEPHANT LIFESTYLE (L): What are the differences between your operations in Athens and Geneva?
ABAKAR MANANY: The difference is that the headquarters are in Athens and the sales and marketing departments are in Geneva, because it is a calm town but very active in the corporate world. There is always a common denominator in the world of petroleum, transportation, institutions and so forth, and that is Geneva. In Athens, our goal was to operate under the flag of the European Union, which has the best standards in the world. We have a public transport licence, which is under strict control from Hellenic and therefore European safety regulators. Also, Athens is a strategic location close to the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and the petroleum regions of the Caspian and Central Asia.

L: You now have an enviable fleet. What allowed the company to grow so extensively in such a short period of time?
AM: We have ambition. Our spectacular growth is the result of several factors, like ambition, energy and what we call “mutualisation” of skills, which is bringing together those who are into finance, marketing and aviation. Right now, we are trying to slow down. We don’t want to suddenly find ourselves with five elite Airbuses, because a situation like that becomes too heavy. We are not stopping growth, but we will go at a more stable pace. The company has a policy of expansion and development, though. Amjet Executive will continue to work hard to deliver a high level of service to its customers. We want clients to feel comfortable. We use Dassault planes, which are simply fabulous. Customers will know that they are not only flying in a jet, but flying in a Dassault.

L: What partnerships do you have with Millesima and Rolls-Royce Geneva?
AM: These are prestigious brands and we trust them. I think they also trust us and this pays tribute to our team in Geneva, which has done great work. We are satisfied and we want to go far with these partnerships. We have a project for a maintenance centre in Athens and we will invite these partners.

L: Where does most of your business come from?
AM: We operate mainly within the Europe, Middle East and Africa region and we are proud to propose specific aircraft for each of our clients’ needs, as our fleet is strictly dedicated to both region and purpose of travel. Many of our clients are oil and gas companies, as well as governments and sports teams.

L: What are Amjet Executive’s medium-term goals?
AM: We have successfully integrated different types of aircraft into our fleet, so the aim now is to enlarge the number of planes for each type of aircraft. To illustrate this, we already have two Falcon 900s, an EX and a DX, and we’ll see over the next month a new Falcon 7X in our fleet.

L: What is your personal definition of luxury?
AM: Luxury is an art – it cannot be bought. You can be very rich but that does not necessarily mean that you understand the value of things.

L: Do you have a message to top clients all around the world?
AM: Take a seat. Come to us, enjoy your ride, take time to think about what you are doing and do it with love. We will be there to accompany you.

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